Work for you

1. Select the template

Select the product and choose the size. Then Select the template. Save it in JPG, if you wish use your imagination with drawing applications in your phone, tablet or computer. Select PDF, if you want to print the template.

2. Paint, draw or create

Use felt-tipped markers for colours to be brighter. Of course, you can also colour with pencils or crayons, but in that case, we will have to improve the colours a bit so that they are not too pale and the result is excellent. You can also arrange shapes or objects on a template and take a picture of it. 

Use smartphone, tablet or computer programs to colour the template and get an excellent end result

3. Take a picture

When the template is coloured and ready, find a good light. It is important that the shadow does not fall on the image, or it is not sun-lit, so that the photo is as close as possible to the drawing. Then take a picture.

4. Place the order

Once you have a photo of the coloured template, upload it, make the payment, wait for delivery and wear your imagination 🙂

The product will be delivered within 10-14 days after payment in your chosen location in Latvia.

Delivery to other countries is within 20 working days after payment.

Work for us

1. Processing of the picture

We receive the picture. If necessary, the colors of the drawing will be improved so the result is more expressive and more beautiful. Then smart big devices do their job and embed Your drawing into fabric.

2. Embedding of colours into fabric

Big, smart devices embed the drawing into fabric.

Using the colour “implantation” technology our products will get lasting colours, which is cardinally different from ordinary clothe or fabric printing. Colours will remain bright and will not come off even after multiple times of washing, which is quite important for kids as well as other clothing.

3. Sewing

When the colour has dried, the product with drawing is sewed.

The fabric is polyester, which visually and by touch is similar to cotton.

We have chosen a small lace for a bottom edge of the design dress for a more feminine look 🙂

4. Delivery

We neatly pack Your imagination and send it to You!

Terms of delivery